Samsung AddWash vs. Electrolux Front Load Washers

Samsung AddWash vs. Electrolux Front Load Washers

European dishwashers tend to be quieter and more water efficient. American dishwashers have a soft food disposer versus a washable filter for the European. American dishwashers are a bit deeper and can hold more, but European dishwashers will sit flush and look better aesthetically.

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Compared back to back:

Larger place settings
Heated dry cycle
Hard food disposal

Flush installation
Condensation drying
Filtration systems

Steel kettle in modern kitchen with induction stove

Although they both wash dishes, the components, reliability and even country of origin varies greatly.

We will look at both companies, similarly priced dishwashers and then compare. First, however, we should describe the difference between American and European dishwashers.

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