Power Adapter for HP 19.5V 3.33A Blue Pin


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  • Input Power: 100-240V -1.5A, 50/60Hz
  • Output DC: 19.5V 3.33A
  • Output Power: 65W
  • Tip Size: 4.5mm x 3.0mm

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Nextek replacement for HP 19.5V 3.33A (65W) Blue Pin Laptop Charger

Model Number

For HP Envy Book


For HP Pavilion

15-e000eia           15-e000si            15-e000sia           15-e000sk            15-e000sr            15-e000sx
15-e001au            15-e002se            15-e002sia           15-e002sr            15-e003ax            15-e003ep
15-e003sh            15-e003sp            15-e003sr            15-e004au            15-e004ax            15-e004ej
15-e004sl            15-e004sr            15-e005ax            15-e005sr            15-e005sv            15-e005sx
15-e006au            15-e006ax            15-e006ea            15-e006sg            15-e006sr            15-e007ax
15-e007sr            15-e008ea            15-e008ee            15-e008sc            15-e008se            15-e008sr
15-e008sv            15-e009au            15-e009ax            15-e009ee            15-e009se            15-e010ax
15-e010sa            15-e010sk            15-e010sz            15-e010us            15-e011eia           15-e011sia
15-e011sr            15-e011sx            15-e012nr            15-e012sa            15-e013ax            15-e013nr
15-e013sa            15-e014nr            15-e014so            15-e015eia           15-e015nr            15-e015sia
15-e017ax            15-e018ax            15-e018la            15-e018nr            15-e018sx            15-e019ax
15-e019sx            15-e020nr            15-e020sx            15-e020us            15-e021el            15-e021nr
15-e021ss            15-e021sx            15-e022ax            15-e023sx            15-e023tu            15-e025sx
15-e025tu            15-e026sr            15-e026sx            15-e026tx            15-e027ca            15-e027cl
15-e028sx            15-e028tx            15-e028us            15-e029tx            15-e030ea            15-e030sc
15-e030so            15-e030sz            15-e031ss            15-e033ca            15-e033ss            15-e033sx
15-e035sx            15-e036sc            15-e036sx            15-e037cl            15-e038sx            15-e039sc
15-e039tx            15-e040ca            15-e040so            15-e041ca            15-e041tx            15-e042sf
15-e042tx            15-e043cl            15-e044sf            15-e044tx            15-e045sx            15-e045tx
15-e046tx            15-e047sx            15-e049sf            15-e050sf            15-e050sg            15-e050sr
15-e051eia           15-e051sia           15-e051sr            15-e051sx            15-e051xx            15-e052sr
15-e052sv            15-e053ca            15-e053sa            15-e053sr            15-e054se            15-e054st
15-e055eia           15-e055se            15-e055sia           15-e055so            15-e055st            15-e055sx
15-e056so            15-e056sr            15-e056st            15-e057sc            15-e057sr            15-e057st
15-e058sia           15-e058so            15-e058sr            15-e058sx            15-e059se            15-e059sr
15-e060ee            15-e060eia           15-e060se            15-e060sia           15-e060sr            15-e060sx
15-e061sr            15-e061sx            15-e063eo            15-e063so            15-e063sr            15-e066eia
15-e066si            15-e066sia           15-e068ee            15-e068se            15-e071nr            15-e071st
15-e072se            15-e072so            15-e073nr            15-e073se            15-e073so            15-e074se
15-e075nr            15-e075se            15-e076se            15-e077nr            15-e077sg            15-e078se
15-e079ee            15-e079se            15-e080se            15-e081ee            15-e082ee            15-e082se
15-e083ee            15-e083se            15-e084ca            15-e085ee            15-e085se            15-e086ee
15-e086nr            15-e086se            15-e087nr            15-e088nr            15-e088se            15-e088sk
15-e089nr            15-e089se            15-e089sk            15-e090ee            15-e090se            15-e091se
15-e092ee            15-e092se            15z-e000 CTO

-Any other laptop with the same outputs (watts, volts and amps) and pin size.

Additional Information
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 5 cm