HP Blue Pin4501

Power Adapter for HP 19.5V 2.31A Blue Pin


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  • Input Power: 100-240V -1.5A, 50/60Hz
  • Output DC: 19.5V 2.31A
  • Output Power: 45W
  • Tip Size: 4.5 x 3.0 mm

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Nextek replacement for Asus 19V 3.42A (65W)
Compatible with:

Model Number
11-2110NR            11-2210NR            13-4105DX            13-4110DX            13-4193DX            13-4195DX
13-J002DX            14-X010NR            14-X010WM            14-X013DX            14-X015WM            14-X030NR
14-X040NR            15-C001DX            15-U010DX            15-U011DX            15-U110DX            15-U111DX
250 G3               250 G4               250 G5               355 G2               455R G6              G1
M1 Probook           M6 410               M6-AE151DX           M6-P013DX            M6-P014DX            M6-P113DX
M6-P114DX            M6-W010DX            M6-W101DX            M6-W103DX            M6-W105DX            Pavilion X2
11-H000              Pavilion X360        Pro X2               X2 11 13 15          Spectre X360 13 15   Split 13 X2
13-F010DX            13-G110DX            13-G110DX            13-G210DX            13-M010DX            13-M010DX
13-M110DX            13-M110DX            13-M210DX            13-R010DX            Stream X360 11 13 14 11-D001DX
11-D010NR            11-D010WM            11-D011WM            11-D020NR            11-P010NR            11-P015WM
11-P110NR            11-R010NR            11-R014WM            11-R020NR            13-C002DX            13-C010NR
13-C020NR            13-C030NR            13-C110NR            13-C120NR            14-Z010NR            14-Z040WM
J9V55UA#ABA          K2L95UA              K2L96UA              Touchsmart           11-E115NR            11-K011WM
11-K120NR            11-K164NR            11-N010DX            11-N011DX            11-N012DX            11T-H000 
13-A010DX            13-A012DX            13-A019WM            13-A110DX            13-P110NR            13-R100DX 
13-S020NR            13-S128NR            13-S192NR            15-AB121DX           15-AB173CL           15-AC120NR 
15-AC121DX           15-AC143WM           15-AF073NR           15-AF131DX           15-AF174NR           15-AN050NR 
15-AN051DX           15-AY011NR           15-D017CL            15-D020DX            15-D030NR            15-D035DX 
15-D073NR            15-F003DX            15-F004DX            15-F004WM            15-F009WM            15-F010DX 
15-F010WM            15-F014WM            15-F018DX            15-F019DX            15-F023WM            15-F024WM 
15-F029WM            15-F033WM            15-F039WM            15-F059WM            15-F085WM            15-F100DX 
15-F111DX            15-F125WM            15-F133WM            15-F162DX            15-F205DX            15-F211WM 
15-F215DX            15-F233WM            15-F271WM            15-F272WM            15-F305DX            15-F337WM 
15-G007DX            15-G010DX            15-G012DX            15-G013CL            15-G013DX            15-G014DX 
15-G018DX            15-G020DX            15-G020NR            15-G035WM            15-G039WM            15-G059WM 
15-G060NR            15-G070NR            15-G073NR            15-G080NR            15-G173WM            15-G211DX
15-G212DX            15-G220NR            15-G227WM            15-G273NR            15-K016NR            M1-U001DX
Ultrabook X          13-3000              13-4001DX            13-4002DX            13-4003DX            13-4005DX
13-4100DX            13-4101DX            13-4102DX            13-4103DX            13T-3000             13T-H200

-Any other laptop with the same outputs (watts, volts and amps) and pin size.

Additional Information
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 5 cm

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