Microsoft Xbox 360 USB Hard Drive Data Sync Transfer Cable


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This lets you transfer content from your for Xbox 360 20GB, for Xbox 360 60GB or for Xbox 360 120GB hard drive. The transfer cable is for transferring content between computer and hard disc, but it cannot transfer data from one hard disc to another.

Transferring data from Xbox is not much more difficult, if you have the latest Xbox 360 data transfer cable. The Xbox 360 data transfer cable helps you transfer all your original data from the Xbox 360 hard drive to the next one. Besides transferring HD movies, preloaded games, music, and gamer profiles, you can also transfer your full game backup installed on your Xbox hard drive to any other data storage device. This hard drive transfer cable can be used for multiple times; however, you cannot use this Xbox 360 data cable to transfer data from one Xbox 360 hard drive to another Xbox 360 hard drive.

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